Jean Monvoisin Sr (JP’s Great Grandfather), homesteaded in the Gergovia district 25 miles south of Mankota, Saskatchewan in 1929.  Jean Monvoisin Jr ( JP’s grandfather) purchased Registered Black Angus cattle from Orin Hart at  Willabar Ranch and registered the tattoo AEE in 1941.  The Black Angus cattle thrived in the tough prairie badlands and remained their till Raymond Monvoisin,  (JP’s Uncle ) sold.  The original ranch is now in the Grasslands National Park and the Dixon Community Pasture. 

JP’s father, Gerald Monvoisin was the youngest of his family and started to farm with his father Jean Jr just west of Gravelbourg.  He married Paula Ste. Marie of Meyronne, Sask  in 1969.  They had two children with Jean-Paul being the eldest.  Tragically he passed away in 2006, a farmer and expert at machinery evaluations and agriculture. 

The Biliske’s (Marlene’s grandparents) moved from North Dakota to the Warman area,  just north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Marlene’s father, Wildfred Biliske, being the second youngest of a large family, started work at a young age.  He had a keen “straight eye” and proved to be very efficient at operating earth moving equipment, building many new roads in the Warman area.  It was a job he loved until the opportunity came to follow his older brothers, John and Bill to farm in the Tisdale area of Northeastern Saskatchewan in 1959. He married Ivy Murray  of Rama, Saskatchewan and they had four children, with Marlene being the youngest.  The Biliske family still enjoys working the land and raising cattle.  

Marlene  grew up spending  many hours outside with the cattle, farm work and of course her horses.  Although very well educated,  she has chosen to  partner with JP in the operation of their farm and ranch.  The hours are long, the conditions sometimes questionable and the pay, well  it’s sporatic … but at the end of the day, it is the best job around. 

Jean-Paul and Marlene were blessed with two children, Colton in 1994 and Josee in 1996. Both of which are involved with the ranch and cattle.  Colton is employed on the farm full time and plays a huge role in day to day operations, He enjoys exploring the world on the back of a motorcycle. Josee loves agriculture and has her own herd of commercial and purebred Black Angus cattle. Her motto is, “she only raises champions”. Josee has an Ag Business Degree from the University of Saskatchewan and is a Territory Sales Manager with Bayer Crop Science, she has huge responsibilities but finds time to help when she can.